What kind of church?

A Local, Presbyterian, Church.


We are a church in and for our community. We want to celebrate its goodness, serve its specific needs, and work towards the flourishing of all its citizens. We worship in the voice of our community and seek to be a church that grows organically out of our neighborhoods. We are committed to working for the common good. We look to serve, not to be served. We look to give, not to take. We are eager to bless others because we have been blessed by God.


Being Presbyterian means we are led by elders and connected with other churches. This provides accountability, oversight, and produces real pastoral care.  We are part of the Reformed Tradition which teaches that God knows us intimately and enables us to know Him intimately. We believe that life in relationship with God is not only possible but vibrant. That God is the initiator of this relationship and the whole is based on grace and forgiveness offered to us in the being and action of Jesus Christ.


We believe that local, Christ-centered churches that are designed according to the pattern of Scripture are the very epicenter of Christ’s saving presence on earth “against which even the gates of hell cannot prevail” (Matthew 16:17-19)! More than a source of mission, the carefully designed, biblically-organized, church is the core of mission–the very life-giving presence of Christ, our Mediator. And this changes everything about the way we think of “church.”