We see a community group as a small expression of the Body of Christ which exists to help form each other more in our participation in Christ, to care for each other, and to missionally and strategically seek to reach out to and serve its neighborhood for the expansion of the Kingdom. While they have specific meeting times, the community group itself should not be thought of as confined to that meeting but rather—-as a church is a community of believers, not just a building—-so a community group is the community of members, not a meeting. As such, a community group is constantly serving, working and fellowshiping together to grow as a community both in intimacy and impact. We want people to feel free to visit a few groups to try them out, then decide to commit to one and be as involved in that group as they reasonably can.

Because God is Trinity, He is community in his essence.  Community, then, is part of bearing His image; and community groups are a means of developing this image in us.  Being formed, individually and corporately, into the Image of Christ is the goal of our meetings; through intimate prayer, personal connection, open discussion, and interactive Scripture study.

Our Community Group meets Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm. The meetings take place at rotating locations, so please contact us for more details.