Throughout the CV-19 crisis we are committed to following the Bible in caring for the most vulnerable among us, medically, economically and socially.

On Sunday mornings we meet to worship in the Milford Arts Council in person using careful protocols. We also use Zoom to allow those who need to be more careful to participate as fully as possible in worship. For more information on our in-person service follow this link. For more information on our Zoom service follow this link.

We meet on Thursday evening to check in, catch up, read Scripture, share and pray for each other. Please follow this link to participate in our prayer meeting (Meeting ID: 823 911 975).

Living as individual Christians and as the Church during CV-19:

  • Call a few friends and do a prayer walk in your neighborhood, or on the beach, or in the woods; get outdoors and enjoy the coming of Spring—life is moving on!
  • Be intentional and hyper-vigilant in reaching out to those who might feel alone and alienated or are at high-risk. OFFER TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING OR PICK UP MEDS FOR SOMEONE AT HIGH RISK. If you have a need for this, or are interested in helping in this way, email us back and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.
  • If you are feeling alienated or feel the need for community CALL SOMEONE. If you don’t know who to call, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone who would love (and has asked) to meet and/or talk and pray with you.
  • Examine your circles of connection; think about who will be most affected economically and consider ways to help appropriately. Here’s a great article for thinking through this: Riding Out the Storm Together (helping others in economic crisis during Coronavirus)
  • Set aside time to pray for all of the effects the virus is having: medically, economically, socially, etc., and for specific people who know who are suffering or serving.

Historically, Christians have been known as people of love and compassion in times of disease and illness. When smallpox came to Rome most fled to the countryside, while Christians remained in the city to care for the sick and needy. When Romans evicted their infected loved ones out of their homes, Christians were the ones who invited them in to care for them. Of course, we want to proceed with caution and wisdom in the days to come. Yet, the Church has had some of her finest moments in situations like this. Let’s pray and look for opportunities to be the Presence of Christ in Milford, His means of responding with love and grace to this crisis.