• Spend your Sunday morning the same way that you would spend any
  • Sunday morning with a church service; this is important for you and our entire church family to keep in the mindset that Sunday is a holy day, expecting God’s mediated presence in worship, whether you are celebrating worship from home or in a church building.


  • As much as you can, choose a space in your house to be your worship space for the coming weeks that is the least distracting.


  • Test your tech beforehand. If utilizing Zoom, there is an option to join via a web browser with no installation necessary. However, for best results, we recommend that you sign up for a free account beforehand and download the Zoom software. When you click our link to join the worship service, it will ask if you’d like to open the software, say yes.
  • Log in a little early.
  • Turn off unused wifi-enabled devices and other appliances that may interfere with your wifi signal (microwaves, baby monitors, electric blankets, etc. all interfere! If you’re interested, here’s why)

During the service


  • Try to treat this as if you were physically present.
  • Engage the liturgy verbally as directed– speaking, singing, etc.


  • We would recommend children be present for as much of the service as parents feel is healthy for themselves and their children.
  • Give them grace! This will be an adjustment for everyone!

After the service

  • For those participating by Zoom, you can stick around after the worship service concludes to enjoy fellowship and chatting with one another.
  • Also, consider calling a church friend and/or discussing with your roommates, spouse, and/or children the sermon or anything that you would like to discuss.